Stacky Run

This is a super casual game, without too many complicated designs, it can be opened and played at any time. Collect the bricks and diamonds on the platform, because the…

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Candy Catcher

Catch the candies to be able to upgrade your chest and unlock more candies Mouse - To move the chest and to interact with the menu

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Bullet Man 3D Online

The position through which the bullet passes, leaving no room for evasion. Aim your gun at the enemy's position and destroy them. The enemy will not stay still, so you…

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Infinite Stairs Online

Have fun with this new casual and exciting game play now Infinite Stairs Online show how far you can go have fun on !!! with this new game totally…

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I like OJ Orange Juice

PPAP is back! This guy really loves orange juice. Other types of juice? Not so much. Can you help him use this juicer to make a lot of juice in…

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Dolphin Life

You are a dolphin. A lot of garbage comes to you: banana peel, oil barrel, aluminum can and others. Stay alive as long as possible Use the Touch or Mouse…

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Grav Balls

Mouse click and drag to rotate the defender bar

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Among Us Jumper

Among Us Jumper is a very fun casual game that will test your skills. With taps on the screen, make the Among Us character climb as many platforms as possible,…

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Element Evolution

A fun-placed farm simulation game that collects more resources by planting different crops successfully unlocks new plant varieties and uses the resources you have in your hands to continuously expand…

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Police Chase Car

Engage in a realistic action-packed experience behind the wheel of a minicar and delve into the relentlessly thrill-seeking and blood-curdling arcade gameplay! Fasten your seatbelt and be ready to test…

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